eCommerce Marketing

15 Ways How eCommerce Can Boost Your Business

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. By 2025, a quarter of total global retail will be through eCommerce. The eCommerce revolution has significantly impacted small businesses, allowing them to reach wider audiences and compete with larger companies.

  1. Boost the Image of Your Business
    Offering a good online sales platform to users will give your company a great corporate appearance and help you build loyalty.

  2. Preloaded products ready for sale
    Comes pre-loaded with more than 2000 popular fast selling products worth millions of Rands ready for sale from day one. There is no inventory to keep stocked.

  3. Increase your customer base
    Through creating an eCommerce website, you are also gaining access to a larger customer base. By making your business more accessible, you can reach more people and gain more customers, especially from your local community.

  4. No expensive stock needed
    Sell products online worth millions, without keeping any stock. Online retail stores provide in-person digital experiences without storing any actual inventory, incorporating new products and services.

  5. Levelling The Playing Field
    eCommerce store is a necessity for today’s small businesses in that it helps level the playing field. It gives small businesses the opportunity to compete against much bigger players. Even if you prefer to focus on local customers, setting up an online store still allows you to reach a wider audience and your target market.

  6. Wholesale Pricing
    You buy directly from the distributor at wholesale price and sell to the end user exposes your business to a much larger audience and standing out in the market.

  7. Affordable
    Setting up a shopping website is easy and affordable compared to setting up and operating a physical shop.

  8. New Shopping Habits
    eCommerce is changing people’s shopping habits while technology, and in particular mobile, is fuelling this change and it is breaking into traditional markets more than ever before while shoppers are increasingly taking their trade online.

  9. Customer relationship
    For small and medium size businesses, to build stronger and more memorable relationships with their customers, it is essential to offer a better immersive customer experience based on digitization.

  10. Perceived Means of Shopping
    Consumer studies show that about 50 percent of people are of the view that online shopping is, undoubtedly, the best means to shop.

  11. Convenient
    Shopping habits are all about convenience. So, you need to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to shop – and that means being accessible online to remain relevant to customers.

  12. You can reach your target market easier
    When you invest in ecommerce website design that displays effective content and offers a smooth customer journey, you can reach consumers that are genuinely interested in what you offer. When linking your site with your social media platforms and increasing your off-page SEO efforts, you can also build powerful leads and sales funnels that attract people to your website.

  13. Your store is open 24/7
    Consumers shop online at all hours of the day – and night! By being online, your business’ doors remain open 24/7 and increase your chances of making sales.

  14. It offers more user-friendly experiences
    Consumers no longer must travel, visit malls with busy crowds, or sit in the traffic to get products or services. It’s efficient and convenient.

  15. Easier to Encourage Impulse Buy
    Another ecommerce benefit is that you can capitalize on impulse buying as online shoppers are more inclined to partake in this.