Earn While you Learn

Empowering Your Teenager with Additional Skills

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, simply graduating high school may not be enough for our children to secure promising opportunities. It is crucial for us to invest in our children’s education by helping them develop additional skills. One way to do this is by supporting them in owning their own pre-built eCommerce website, which can not only provide them with valuable experience but also help them earn extra income.

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With online platforms being an integral part of everyday life, having a skillset in digital marketing can provide your teenager with a competitive edge and a solid foundation for future success. Consider encouraging your teen to explore this field and unleash their potential in the digital realm. value to surge by 150%, to R225 billion, within the next five years.


Our pre-built eCommerce website allows you to set your own schedule and earn money at your own pace. Start selling popular fast selling products and boost your income in a way that fits your busy student lifestyle.


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With your own pre-built eCommerce website, you can start earning extra cash as an adult on your own terms, without the burden of expensive inventory.

Boost your digital marketing skills for free in 2024

Increase your expertise in the world of digital marketing without any extra cost. With your own new eCommerce website we will also provide you with a comprehensive list of more than 100 links to the most popular FREE YouTube social media training and marketing videos that you can learn at your own pace.

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