The Explosive Growth of eCommerce

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eCommerce is in a boom, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the eCommerce space to explode and is fueling technology adoption. eCommerce is unique in that it helps level the playing field. It gives small to medium businesses the opportunity to compete against much bigger players.


South Africa’s eCommerce sector looks set for explosive growth. According to FNB, the average e-commerce spends already increased by 30% in the first half of 2020 compared to the year prior. Rand Merchant Bank expects the sector’s value to surge by 150%, to R225 billion, within the next five years.

  • The pandemic completely rewrote the rules of retail overnight, turbocharging trends that had taken years to gain traction within a matter of months, and transforming consumptive behaviour changes.” says Derek Cikes, Commercial Director at part-payment platform, Payflex.

  • McKinseyfound the sector experienced 10 years of growth in just 90 days. Similarly, IBM’s US Retail Index, found the pandemic accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by roughly five years.

  • As a result of the pandemic, eCommerce websites have become the primary purchase path for many, and people have now gotten used to living in a digital

  • Online shopping is an increasingly viable option, and many small to medium businesses are turning to online sales due to the low entry barriers.

  • Convenience is now more important than ever. People want to be able to shop easily without exposing themselves to Covid-19.

  • The key takeaway from the studies is that retailers who were not paying attention to these trends would most certainly be left behind.